6 inkjet prints, 237,6 x 168 cm each
bronze, dimensions variable

in collaboration with Hildegard Büchner

reflective silkscreen print, mounted on dibond, 128 x 98 cm
flower tribute, mimosa libation

Graphic Design: Victoria Allakhverdyan

6 embossed pigment inkjet prints, 90,5 x 60,5 x 2 cm each
domestic artefacts, steel

photos: Eric Bell

8 inkjet prints, 147 x 98 cm each
perfume, song, number signs

When the landlord threatened her with eviction, she covered the staircase in all the glassware she could find.

Graphic Design: Victoria Allakhverdyan

Droopy Rose
DCP/4K video, 12.30’
German spoken, English subtitles

I wrote my will when I was nine. At that time my parents built a garage for their new car. That was important, because a new car can’t be exposed to sunlight. It damages the paint. I want them to drive the car into a ravine. I wrote that in my will.

Graphic Design: Kathrin Baumgartner

Demolding a Daughter/Die entformte Tochter/La fille démoulée
DCP/Full HD video, 9.15’
German spoken, English/French subtitles
3 benches 45 x 120 x 40 cm

When I see pictures of my mother when she was young, I see a woman who doesn’t need me. She is not thinking about me, not thinking that I will become the most important thing in her life, as she says. Back then it was her art first, later it was me. I’d have liked to have met her back then. But maybe not. She seems so independent. Would she have liked me?

Graphic Design: Till Hormann

photobook, inkjet print, 40 x 30 cm
42 pages

Sisyphus is a woman1. She likes everything that is mummified, small skeletal parts, flowers and herbaria, everything ephemeral. Emotional involvement happens a lot in the restoration process, but that always gets you directly into a hell of mess, she says. Retouching is linked to touching.

1 Walter Grasskamp: Das Kunstmuseum. 2016, p.127